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Thousands of online videos are being uploaded from different categories, into YouTube, Vimeo, and other video streaming sites every day. But what makes your videos stand out from the others? Are your investments in product promotion through video making worth the engagement it gets? An SEO consultant knows that there are ways in boosting the views and reviews of your videos. And through this article, you may get an idea that may be able to help the rankings of your videos.


Each video uploaded have tags in the detail and description section, it helps video tools to categorise each video that is uploaded. These certain tags and keywords help videos to appear when a query is made in the search bar. But unlike webpage and search engine optimisation, video optimisation has different algorithms.


Video optimisation is a technique of using methods that allow web users to discover your videos. Uploaded videos can have an essential function in building the name of your brand: it promotes products through video introductions, it helps boost traffic to your site, it widens the range of network affiliations, and it helps to add information to the web.

Organic Content

YouTube has about a billion monthly active users with videos of the same quantity. To gain viewers, video content must not only be informative but should also be interactive and exciting. Do not limit the numbers of videos to post, the more videos, the better chances of viewers to stumble upon your site, and more opportunities of viewers to share your videos into other social media sites or refer them to a friend.

Optimise Meta Title, Data, Keywords, and Tags

These are one of the most vital parts for successful SEO and Video SEO techniques. Understand that by achieving the best and suitable meta title, meta description, focus keywords and tags, your video rankings could go higher, making your videos searchable and discoverable by appearing on the immediate search engine results pages.

Social Media Networks

Do not limit your videos on YouTube channel alone, there are plenty of social media tools that have a video upload option. And most importantly, these social media tools are for free.


Write invitations for channel subscriptions on video descriptions and reply to feedbacks and queries to let viewers get to know your brand more. If you are likeable and approachable to your viewers and subscribers, your profile and status will boost, and it also adds credibility to your brand.

Enhanced video presentation

Minor details such as video thumbnails, inviting caption, and correct subtitles can add appeal to viewers, despite the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, on any marketing, looks are always and most likely the basis of choices. So be creative, and idealistic, it helps lure in viewers and gain possible clients to your site.
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