Should Businesses Pay for the Services of an SEO Expert?

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Have you ever received emails saying that your website rankings are terrible? And on the next part of the email, it promotes the SEO services of a business that may be able to help your site get better page results. Just a piece of advice: don’t fall easily for these kinds of scams. If you think the offer is too good to be true, then there’s definitely cause for concern.

If you are new to blogging, such emails can be very tempting as the pitches may come quite compelling. But keep in mind that it’s their only strategy to fool people into stealing their money.

While it’s okay to hire just any SEO expert or company out there, there are those that you can fully rely on without second-guessing or feeling like you’re being scammed. The reason for this is that these said companies have already built a good reputation online and that they are well-reviewed by their past and current clients. And the key to their success is the quality of their services.

What exactly are the services being offered by these SEO professionals?

Before anything else, it is important to determine what exactly these experts offer. And here are the following tasks that they commonly deal for their clients.


One basic SEO service is where businesses pay others to get their blogs more backlinks. This strategy is actually very risky and is highly against the terms for service of Google. But when done right, your site will surely benefit from it.

Local SEO

This task involves putting your site on Google Maps and other local results such as G+ profile, Places, and so on.

On-site optimisation

An SEO expert will be the one to look at your website and monitor its performance concerning its keyword density, load time, site structure, and many others that affect your SEO efforts.

Pay Per Click or PPC

For your website to appear in the paid ads section in Google, marketers will run your campaigns on Google Ads and manage your budget and results.

SEO package

An SEO company will develop a custom package that will include managing your social media, creating articles, running PPC, and many other elements considered as a modern approach to SEO.

Some of these mentioned offered services can be of great help in boosting your presence online. However, the result depends on how they are executed by your hired SEO expert.

So, the question now is this: it is worth paying for these services?

The short answer is YES. But before you decide on having SEO professionals onboard, determine which services you would like to be incorporated into your marketing strategies. And from there, eliminate those that are least important and can be saved for later use.

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