Challenges of being an SEO Consultant

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Like most of the professions in different industries, SEO companies and consultants do have their fair share of challenges that they encounter in their work, be it due to the changes in the field or the clients. And if you happen that you are a consultant, then you’ve must have had similar experiences.

Here are some of the cases that pushed them to come up with solutions at their very best.

Clients want quick fixes

Even if clients were already informed about the complexity of SEO and understood the potential benefits in getting things right, some are still driven by the urge for quick fixes. Little do they know that SEO does not always work that way.

With SEO, strategies usually require a long-term approach and must be worked on a 24 to a 30-month timetable. But there are some clients who want faster results and prefer earlier than 12 months.

What businesses should understand is that organic search cannot be rushed. Quick fixes are possible but expect that they will not last long.

Do what competitors do

“My competitors are doing this and that, so why can’t I?”

Definitely, one of the most difficult questions that consultants face in doing their job. While it is wise to evaluate and learn what competitors do with their SEO strategies, an SEO consultant should be able to identify whether what they are doing is good or bad. But, why is this important?

Google penalises those sites that practice tricky techniques such as shady link building, duplicate content, and other fraudulent tricks. And if they found that what you are doing is against the policies and rules of Google, you will get low search rankings. It is safer to observe white-hat SEO, which adopts the best practices and respects the guidelines of search engines.

Say “no” more often

There are some clients who have the attitude of doubting your judgments as a consultant. These type of clients are often found to be frustrating and difficult to work. If they are causing you sleepless nights and blame everyone even if it is their fault, maybe it’s time for you to stop.

Such type of people can drain your motivation to work, messing up your mood and affecting your working capacity. Don’t worry about losing them. Know that it is the right decision.

Settling on the right KPIs

Page views, search rankings, and other low-quality key performance indicators (KPIs) do not correctly reflect the performance of a business. An SEO consultant must be able to identify which KPIs to decide such as those that are actionable and contribute directly to profitability.

Without a significant conversion rate, higher profit, and business success, the highest of search rankings on Google will be worthless.

There you have it. These are just some of the challenges SEO consultants encounter in their expertise. If you think you have something to share, let us know in the comments below!

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