The don’ts of Hiring an SEO Company

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What are the things to avoid when looking for an SEO company?

There are different ways of finding the best company that is reputable and can be trusted to manage your SEO. It is considered one of the most complex tasks as success depends on it. While some businesses have learned and figured out how to find that good candidate, some still fall on the traps of bad SEO companies. To avoid getting into such a situation, be in the know of the most common mistakes in selecting an SEO company.

Filter with Google

It can be simply understood that companies that do a great job in ranking in Google are the good ones. However, the truth is that these companies are actually those that don’t have any client work, which is why they exhaust their efforts and concentrate on getting new clients through ranking high on search results.

Know that real good SEO companies don’t need to rank since they are in high demand due to consistent referrals. They no longer spend to optimise their website just to get new clients, as they are already settled with the consistent arrival of their clients.

So if you think filtering results with Google helps, think twice.

Gullible to “Top Lists”

Some people still believe those “top lists” and “the best” articles they see on Google. Unknown to them is those that are included in the lists have paid a significant amount for such articles. Good SEO companies don’t need to pay to get on these lists. Believe the sites that really provide accurate top lists, and don’t ask for a placement fee.

Blinded by the “secret sauce”

Some of the bad SEO companies will try to lure you by mentioning that they use a secret and special technique that will seemingly bring your business on top of search results. The reality is that SEO is an open field, and is now understood by many. Compared to the several years ago, when techniques originated as a secret, apparently, most of them now have been exposed and are widely implemented and observed.

The next time you hear an SEO company about them having a secret sauce, raise the red flag immediately.

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