Top Expectations to have from a Great SEO Proposal


SEO Expert

Search engine optimisation is an essential factor in improving your digital marketing. If your business in on the internet, then you probably need an SEO expert for your website to be optimised. Optimising your website will help increase your visibility online which will lead to more website visitors. An SEO expert should provide a great proposal regarding the improvement of your site.

But what makes a quality SEO proposal? Here are the top expectations to have.

Positive Results

A strong proposal should have quality and positive results regarding SEO. Most people want is being on top of the search engine results page. However, an increase in ranking doesn’t mean good for business unless an increase in web traffic and conversions are observed. An excellent SEO proposal should consider the outcome of the strategies.

Website Audit

Understanding how your website works for your business is essential. Therefore, having a proper site audit will help you tackle the issues regarding your website. A proposal should provide errors on pages that might affect web traffic. Conversion activities, bounce rate, number of links, website visitors and top keywords should be in the website audit to fully understand the status of the website and come up with a good SEO strategy.

Keyword Research

Choosing relevant keywords is a factor in improving your ranking on search engines. These keywords are what search engines are looking for from potential website visitor in a search query. The foundation of an SEO proposal is having a quality keyword research. This is the most critical factor in search engine optimisation. Keyword research should include search volumes, competitiveness and the cost per click (CPC).

Competitor Analysis

Knowing how your competitors increase their rankings on search engines is an effective way to stay in the competition. Your business is not only the one who is trying to get potential customers. It’s vital to know your competitor’s chosen keywords, links and other possible strategies that they are using. In this way, you can get the valuable resource for new ideas.

Link Building Strategy 

This is one of the essential factors in making your website rank higher in search engines. Search engines will tend to look for the site where your website is mentioned for a visitor’s query. Knowing how you can build your links will help in getting more website visits.

Having these factors in an SEO proposal will help a business improve their website rankings and increase the website traffic. A good SEO expert will provide you with a quality proposal which will greatly help in achieving business goals.

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