Digital Marketing Strategy: Impact of Digital Marketing Tools

digital marketing strategy

In digital marketing strategy, digital marketing tools are considered as a survival kit for those who are in the digital advertising and marketing industry. These tools have an important responsibility in determining the success of online advertisements and webpage optimisations.

Organic Search (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation involves keyword analysis, search rankings, site crawling, and back-link analysis. Through search engine optimisations, the ranking of your webpage is likely to appear on, if not the top, then the nearest rank on search engine results pages.

Paid Ads (AdWords)

Google ads are one of the many examples of digital ad services. Your website’s rank will automatically go higher without changing or sprucing up our website. As long as you paid for it, Google Ads will do its work. This tool is effective, and it does not even cost as high as you expect.

Paid Social Media

In August 2018, Facebook ranked number one on the highest visited online social media site. According to Social Media News, there were about 15,000,000 monthly active Australian users, while Instagram ranked as third with 9,000,000 active users. With an approximate ratio of 6 out of 10 Australians that use Facebook and 1 out of 3 uses Instagram. Popular social media networks such as these are platforms for paid ads with the aid of advertisement tools such as Buffer, Wyng, Facebook’s Power Editor, and Sprout.

Email Marketing

It is a direct campaign marketing. Target specific audience by fragmenting contact lists based on their status, situation, demographics, and data information. It promotes brand names through email letters, newsletters and product information. Email marketing is a cost-efficient type of digital marketing; prices vary from a professional fee of either a freelancer or a company.

Content Marketing (Creation and Curating)

This includes creative, informative and relevant webpage content. Viable content creates inbound traffic that brings possible and loyal customers to your webpage.

Video Hosting lets you upload video files and broadcast it through an online social network to inform people about your products, brand, etc. Through video tools such as YouTube and Vimeo, you can keep track of your video performance via views, likes, shares, and subscribers. Compelling video posts must be significant; interactive and topics must be universal and searchable for the age bracket of clients.

Affiliate Marketing

It is a performance-based through affiliations on a social network. It helps to boost your status and increase traffic sales and scales by carrying in positive revenue brought by web page clicks, registrations, and purchases.
Having to invest in digital marketing may need a bigger budget, but the return of investment, together with the right strategy, the business could precede its expected revenue. For online marketing, contact us at

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