Mistakes in Search Engine Marketing That You Should Avoid


Search Engine Marketing

What are the things you need to avoid when doing search engine marketing?

It has been known that search engine marketing (SEM) helps drive traffic to a website, whether from paid or organic searches. However, there are still many businesses that fail to see the advantages of SEM.

While the majority of online marketers have been utilising SEM in boosting the online presence of the websites that they handle, some of them are doing it the wrong way.

Here are the things that you should avoid when doing SEM.

Complicated page navigation

We know how frustrating it is getting irrelevant search results for a search query or not finding something helpful in a website. Such issues cause bounce rates to double up prompting possible leads to leave the page, and Google punishes the site as unsuitable and irrelevant for the search. To solve this, have a search function or a content database that can be navigated easily to help visitors find what they are looking for.

Landing pages are not mobile-friendly

Most of the searches being carried out nowadays come from smartphones and tablets, so it is necessary that your homepage or landing pages should be mobile-friendly. If you notice that your web page designs look strange and messy, with the blocks misaligned and are too big for mobile viewing, contact your web developer. If it’s not fixed, mobile users will get discouraged, exiting your page and heading on to your competitor, and Google will rank you down from the search results.

Landing pages do not match the adverts

When creating an advert, make sure that the landing page is relevant to your advert’s content. Visitors will bounce back out of your page if your advert does not give what they expect. Always remember to have your links correlate with your product or service adverts, and the content should be relevant so as not to frustrate potential followers and customers.

Negative keywords

In running Google Ads campaigns, you pay for keywords that you think will bring in potential customers to your product or service site. However, unknown to some marketers are the negative keywords that are delivering little to no result but still consume the ad budget. Avoid these common keywords by not describing what you are advertising. Instead, make use of the Google Keyword Planner.

If you find maximising traffic, engagement, and reach difficult, hire search engine marketing experts who can implement organic SEM strategies for your business website.

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