What You Need To Know About Google SEO Guidelines 2018

Google SEO

A company that provides SEO services to its clients should keep updated with the latest SEO guidelines, so as to avoid any penalties from the search engines. For Google SEO, there a lot of guidelines that an SEO expert or agency should be aware of to avoid any SEO issues in the future. Take a look at some of these guidelines.

Keyword Rich Anchor Text

Creating keyword rich anchor text in the past is considered to be a good strategy, according to SEO experts. As long as the keywords are relevant to the pages, you can effectively use this in your campaign. However, Google has updated their guidelines, and this strategy doesn’t work anymore. Running this strategy today can put your websites in violation of the guidelines.

“No Follow” Links

For Google, a link should be set to “no follow” as they want every link you’ve created to generate traffic and not to boost your search engine ranking and results. Guest blog posts, press releases, partnership and business links, and comments are also included in this guideline.

Hidden Links or Text

This is considered a black hat tactic that Google disallows. Google doesn’t want a website that is trying to hide text or link with keywords just to rank on search engines.

Cloaking or Sneaky Redirects

The sneaky redirect is a method of redirecting a user to a different page. Links are embedded in Javascript to use any user to visit another page than what search engine sees. Cloaking is also a way of presenting a different URL or content to website visitors rather than to search engines.

There are more Google SEO guidelines that are essential to running an SEO campaign. You might consider reading these guidelines for your website to avoid any issues and penalties in the future.

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