Questions to ask before settling on an SEO expert

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What questions would help you find a good SEO expert?

Do you have a website but is not ranking on search engines? Chances are your potential customers might not know that you actually exist. It is a critical factor to boost the online visibility of your website as this can lead to higher sales and profits as well as improved brand awareness.

At this point, you might have been thinking of improving your site’s search engine ranking, but you have little or zero experience with SEO and no time to deal with it. Maybe it’s time to consider hiring an SEO expert who can potentially help your business site rank on the search results.

But before you settle on one, here are questions you need to ask your prospects.

Can I have a list of your current and past clients?

Highly regarded SEO experts should not be hesitant in sharing a list of their former and current clients.

Once you have been provided with a list, review and use it as your reference to gauge how efficient the prospect is, and verify whether the person is indeed effective in running SEO campaigns. You should be able to identify if they can help in your search ranking, conversions, and acquiring leads.

How will you improve my site’s ranking on search engines?

Keep away from those who don’t freely discuss their methods or techniques in detail. An SEO expert should be open to explaining their strategies that will drive up the search engine ranking of your website. Also, they should be able to identify how long it would take for the goals to be realistically achieved.

The prospect’s proposal should include an initial technical audit of your site that lists problems that possibly lower your rankings, as well as error pages and broken links. Aside from this, an expert should be able to provide on-page optimisation, which can help your website become friendly to the eyes of search engines. You can also ask if off-page optimisation is also offered, which is a strategy that helps distribute your content to other websites, social media platforms, blogs, and press releases.

Do you comply to webmaster guidelines set by search engines?

Learn about the 12 common SEO tricks, such as having spammy content and adding hidden text or links that are prohibited by Google and ask your prospects if they do them or not. If yes, there’s no other reason to continue the conversation. If not, then they should have known about it and to abide by the best practices.

Know that Google punishes websites that don’t follow the right ways of doing SEO by lowering their rankings on search results.

Is my website guaranteed to achieve the number one ranking on search engines?


Not all yeses are good signs of success. When it comes to SEO experts promising to put your website on top of searches in Google, Bing, and Yahoo, turn away as fast as you can. Most probably, they will be doing some bogus techniques for there it is impossible to guarantee a number one ranking on any of the mentioned search engines.

Note that only the search engines can control how low or high sites will appear in search results.

These are just some of the few top questions to ask an SEO expert before making the final deal. If you think we missed to include some other important questions, comment down below!

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