Search Engine Marketing Methods That Harm Search Rankings

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Time flies so fast in the business world, and with it comes changes in the search engine marketing industry. Some of the strategies that used to be effective are no longer doing well, and they even became the reason why sites got banned from the search rankings; sometimes, without warning, search engines start adding new elements to algorithms.

Maybe it’s time that you get informed with what’s already out in SEM to make sure that your site won’t get penalised by the search engines. For your reference, here are some of the mistakes that some people do in search engine marketing.

Keyword stuffing

Before, Google puts your site on a higher rank if keywords that are being searched by people can be spotted anywhere on your site. Until this strategy was abused by many marketers as irrelevant results also appeared on top of people’s search queries. This was when Google decided to change the way it ranked pages, making the Google algorithm more complex.

Refer to the following tricks below and try to avoid them as they are already outdated:

  • Putting keywords using a very small font at the top and bottom of a page over and over again does not help in improving the relevance of the page.
  • Keyword density exceeding 10% is unhealthy for the page, making it a page that doesn’t make sense but only filled up with irrelevant keywords.
  • Making use of white texts on a white background or invisible keywords can get you delisted from the search rankings in search engines.

The strategy that you must consider is to find relevant information intended to answer people’s queries.

Junk content

If you often search online before, you most likely had encountered lots of low-quality articles. Know that it takes six to eight visits to your site before a potential customer feels comfortable enough to trust your authority and make a purchase. Once they see one content of yours that contains repeating keywords without substance, they would not bother coming back to your site to read more.

Keep in mind that this tactic only harms your credibility and reputation.


There are other website marketers that create two versions of their site. One is for “spiders”, which abide by the rules of Google, and the other for visitors that is full of off-topic effects just to look cool but are still irrelevant. Fortunately, search engines are pretty good at delisting these abusive sites.

Redirects aren’t actually harmful. It’s just that other marketers use it incorrectly. They redirect visitors from a page (relevant to the search query) to an irrelevant page. Before, this marketing method was overused by many marketers. But search engines no longer fall for this deceptive method.

Don’t be tempted to apply these mentioned search engine marketing methods to your site, as they only do more harm than good to your site. If you think we missed to mention a method that can kill your search rankings, let us know!

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