Signs that Debunk those Who Claim to be SEO Experts (Part 1)

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Anyone with basic intelligence and the motivation to learn SEO can become an SEO expert over time. Learn that SEO is a rewarding and potentially lucrative career that does not require a specific college degree but can be studied on-the-job or from accessible resources. It’s just a let down that even those that are with an internet connection can already say that they are SEO experts whether they actually are or aren’t.

So, how can you identify approved SEO experts from ambitious wannabes and fakes?

Hide what they do

You should expect transparency from a legit SEO expert as you are entrusting the reputation of your brand. While there is still proprietary information that should be kept from being shared, here are some things you should have access to:

  • SEO strategies, including link building.
  • List of sites for link building to make sure that those are the sites you want your brand to be associated with.
  • List of contacts they will be communicating with on your behalf.

Turn the other way if you find that they are hiding these things from you.

Explain things clearly

SEO experts must be able to clearly articulate what they do and for what purpose. If you ever ask them and answer you with statements like, “Just trust us. It’s too technical that you wouldn’t understand what we’re doing,” you should start looking for another prospective expert as soon as possible.

Also, beware of those that explain things that sound oversimplified and then assess if their reasonings make sense. They should be able to back their claims up with firm information and references.

Guarantees results

It’s normal for experts to guarantee things that involve deliverables, contract obligations, and reports. However, beware of some that sound too good to be true. For in SEO, there is no way to guarantee particular results.

SEO should and can still be expected to offer positive results from a site. It’s just that those expected results will take time in the form of an increase in traffic, conversions, etc. But it is impossible for an expert to promise to raise the rank of a keyword by three SERP positions in just a month.

Reputable SEO experts should be doing the following instead:

  • Understand your business goals and align with it their plans or strategies
  • Understand the current competition of your business and determine what will it take for you to start getting profits from investing in SEO
  • Provide samples of past work and their corresponding results

These are just some of the practices that hints you that an SEO expert is fake. Please check out the part 2 of this topic here.

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