The Top Milestones Of Google Search

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We all know Google is one of the famous companies and most useful search engines in the world. When searching for something, we tend to visit Google immediately. We should consider knowing how Google started to understand search engine marketing fully.

Here are the top milestones of Google search:

Google Launched – September 4, 1997

There are hundreds of search engines in the dial-up era, and almost all of them are horrible. Trying to search on these search engines often lead you to either classified ad listings or adult pictorials. Google has made its way today simply because of its features actually worked. It was started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin with just an idea and almost no money.

The Search Index – June 26, 2000

Google has been introduced to be the largest search engine in the world. In just three years, one billion web documents had been indexed by Google; it would reach three billion in less than two years after and 1 trillion unique URLs to be indexed in 2008. You could always see the total number of results at the top page together with the total time of the results.

Google Image Search – July 28, 2001

One of the most valuable things Google search could provide after its web page crawler is the searching of billions of images published online. Many of us use Google to search images every day. With the help of your fingertips, you can easily browse for any photos or graphics in a few seconds.

Gmail – April 1, 2004

The inspiration for Gmail came from a user who complained about the poor services of other email providers. Google launched Gmail providing 500,000 email documents, and many users switched to this as it offers more email space compared to others. You can save and retrieve important emails with Gmail even for a long period of time.

Universal Search – May 16, 2007

This was the first step to change the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) into a rich and effective search engine we use today. The Universal search allows users to get not only web page links but also images, videos, news stories and many more. This made the SERP be a more valuable starting point than before.

Google has helped millions of people by simply providing relevant information. These milestones will help people understand how Google features work and improve their search engine marketing.

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