Top SEO Tools Small Businesses Can Effectively Use

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Every business owner should know how important investing in search engine optimisation is. Engaging with the right SEO strategy creates a significant advantage in increasing your online business presence. However, it might be too expensive for small businesses to hire a reliable SEO expert. Luckily, some great SEO tools can help you get started with an SEO strategy.


We all know that Google is the most used search engine on the internet. Most consumers prefer using Google when they look for something online. Google provides free SEO tools that can analyse and collect data about a website and it’s performance. Google trends, Google analytics, Google search console and Page speed insights are the main tools of Google that you can use effectively in your SEO strategy.


It provides social media reporting, analytic tools and SEO information about your website. It can also be used for keyword research, analysing backlinks and comes with competitor analytics. SEMrush is a useful tool for small businesses who already have experience in doing SEO. It also provides information on Google shopping ads and other product displays.

Moz Pro

Moz provides many helpful resources that can be used in creating your SEO strategy. It also helps in improving your campaigns and analyses trends within your market industry. With Moz, you can come up with relevant keywords from your targeted audience, track your rankings, and review your website for any page errors. Moz will help you manage suggested keywords and analyse any potential URLs.

Answer the Public

This is a free tool that provides information regarding consumer queries. It is a tool to find out what people are searching for. Using this will help you find relevant keywords, collect content topics and ideas, and understand your current industry. Answer the Public is also a useful tool when paired with tools like Google trends, which allows you to know how popular a search term is.

HubSpot SEO

This is a marketing website that provides a lot of SEO and digital marketing resources. Just like Moz, Hubspot SEO is a great tool for small businesses to learn and start an SEO strategy or digital marketing campaign. HubSpot also provides analysis of your website traffic, competitor information, and other resources for SEO.

With all these SEO tools, any small business can start creating and improving their digital marketing and SEO strategies. Forget about hiring an expensive SEO expert and learn to develop your own campaign with these effective tools.

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